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LED Backlight Technology

To meet the increasing demand for LED backlighting in the industrial LCD market, Kyocera has developed a board line of TFT LCDs with LED backlights.



Our displays feature longer lifetimes (up to 100,000 hours), with front screen brightness levels ranging from 400 cd/m2 to 1500 cd/m2 for outdoor applications. Kyocera's LED-backlit LCDs offer numerous advantages over conventional CCFL-backlit LCDs, including:

  • No warm-up time at low temperatures
  • Lower power consumption
  • Higher dimming ratios
  • Do not require high-voltage and high-frequency inverter circuits
  • Significantly reduced electro-magnetic interference (EMI)
  • Contain no mercury, more environmentally friendly

Kyocera's LED-backlit LCDs are designed for a board range of applications, including test & measurement, factory automation, navigation and avionics systems, POS and ATM machines, and medical equipment.

For more detail product information, please visit:
Kyocera LED TFT LCD Product Info